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       Kaifeng SRT(Langrui) Machinery Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of food drying equipment and nuts roasting machinery. a high-tech enterprise, SRT main products are original sunflower seeds, peanuts, peeling sunflower seeds, melon seeds and nuts of various production lines, and other food processing equipment. For more than 20 years we have been committed to the research and development of nut food equipment, It has become a strong guarantee for energy-saving and efficient production in the food nut industry, and is highly trusted and praised by people in the industry. 20,000 m2  of modern production workshop, For food manufacturers in different regions at home and abroad Providing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions, SRT is the vice president unit of China Nuts Roasting Association. Wrote drying equipment and roasting equipment for industry standards, Get dozens of patents。

       In order to serve the food nut industry much better,We cooperate with well-known universities at home and abroad to establish a food processing automation engineering research technology center,And build 3000 m2 production test workshop. SRT have a strong after-sales team, Implement combining of field service and remote service a rapid response service mechanism to solve the customer's worries. We will continue to improve services, With advanced technology, energy-efficient products, uphold to maximizing profit for customers, Realize industry-leading ideas, Together with all partners Move Forward Bravely Create the future together!


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